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I was born and rasied in Bryan, Ohio. I lived in one house for the first 10 years of my life, until I moved into the house I live in now.

I'm typically quiet and like to keep to myself for the most part, but after I really get to meet and talk to someone I tend to open up really fast and will talk a lot.


My family consists of me, my mother, my father, and my sister.

My Mother -She is very quiet and tends to not talk and just read her books. Since she doesn't talk much and tends to give death glares at people on accident, my friends find her intimidating and scary.
My Father -He's a chill guy and fun to be around. He loves to watch and send me cat videos. Another prominant thing he likes is reddit videos.
My Sister, Jaylyn -A little sister... She's kind of like me, minus the me. She tends to go out of the house a lot. When she is home she is usually in her room, keeping to herself.


Cat are my favorite house pet to have. I've had cats throughout my whole childhood and still have some.
The most I've had at one time was 12, though most were kittens, they all had names. I currently only have 5 cats: 6 inside cats and 2 inside-outside cats

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Video Games - My main hobby is playing video games, it's something that keeps me entertained when I have nothing else to do during the day. And, for the most part, I never have anything to do during the day.
When I get a game I like I basically become obsessed with it to the point where it will be the only game I will play for weeks even months. In the case of Minecraft I was obsessed with that for a year, and currently I've been obsessed with playing the Sims 4.

Drawing - My second hobby is drawing, I've been doing it since I was ten and it is just something that tends to help get rid of my stress. Despite it being one of my main hobbies, I don't do it too often.
I can draw both digitally and traditionally, my main method is traditional though.
Apart from drawing I also paint. I prefer oil painting and have done.
What I like to draw really changes based on my moods, though I typically like to draw characters. I also like to draw things that I think will get a reaction out of people like gore and other things similar to that.

Northwest State College Credits

Course Name Course Number Credits
Database Management CIS109 4
C# Programming CIS161
Java Programming CIS165
Python Programming EET107 3
Internet Scripting CIS108 4
Computer Operations CIS191 3
Optional Courses
Microsoft Apps CIS114 3
CCP Math Elective
Composition I ENG111
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